Antarctic Projects Show Potential To Create A Sustainable Green Era


Antarctic Projects Show Potential To Create A Sustainable Green Era

Antarctic Lands Organization promotes environmental and international policies at the global level. The promoters feel that society needs awareness about how world temperature is changing, so there is a need to change consumption and lifestyle habits, accordingly. Therefore new Antarctic projects relevant to sustainable activities are launched. The new project promotes greener activities and respectful use of energy and the environment for benefit of the next generation. 

Antarctic Foundation was launched in 2022 and registered in Panama. It was designed to promote projects for Antarctic development. In reality, many studies, inventions, and projects fail from concepts to structuring and presenting as a startup. In the pre-startup stage, the idea needs to be defined clearly, thorough preliminary research needs to be performed, a solid business plan must be drafted and a suitable legal structure needs to be designed. For young entrepreneurs with excellent ideas, this is an impossible obstacle. 

AAL concentrates not just on projects, ideas, studies, inventions, patents, and research but beyond on energy efficiency, ecological agriculture, water resource management, clean energy generation, waste recycling, conservation & preservation, etc. all the Antarctic projects are aimed at increasing ecological balance and reducing the negative impact on the environment. 

In the carbon credit market project, ALO is supporting carbon finance. Carbon finance will help to stimulate a decrease in greenhouse gas emissions, attain clean air, and clean energy, as well as create new job opportunities. The Antarctic Foundation identifies carbon financing as a developing market to apply in smart contracts, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain. The goal is to create more advanced financial instruments quickly to facilitate carbon financial solutions. The global ALO project intends to make carbon finance & trading cheaper, faster, and smoother. 

AAL has already initiated its operation of making a difference via its own technological innovations. The aim is to offer high-quality services and solutions that motivate carbon market players. The Antarctic token is distributed at a competitive price so that investors can enter a promising new market on a wide scale with a small investment. 

In the Eternal Chemicals Project, ALO aims to develop techniques to decompose everlasting chemicals. Eternal chemicals are harmful substances present in worldwide water sources. Recently, scientists have successfully broken the PFAS molecules using inexpensive reagents. This discovery has given new hopes to decontaminate sources struggling with high chemical pollution. 

The NFT postage stamps project is aimed to raise funds for fulfilling AAL’s goals. A series of non-fungible tokens symbolizing stamps and coins relevant to Antarctica and Antarctic regions will be issued. Investors will get a chance to buy and sell the coins and stamps on the market via appropriate platforms. 

NFTs will be available via subscription and have limited circulation. Investors interested will need a MetaMask wallet to make payments with cryptocurrencies. The proceeds from NFT coins and postage stamps are used in funding sustainable Antarctic projects

The AAL or Antarctic token is rated at 0.1 USDT. It will be distributed in four phases. It includes airdrop, pre-sale, round sale 1, and round sale 2. The first phase is for free and the second is for investors at a 50% rate, while the third and fourth are for the public at a discount of 30% and 15%, accordingly. 

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